Metrology & Calibration Services

Standard Meter Lab located in Livermore, CA provides fast and affordable instrument calibration services, on-site calibration and dimensional inspection. Our team of technicians has many years of calibration experience. Our calibration services are NIST traceable and ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025 accredited. You can rely on our highly qualified metrology lab to turn your order around quickly and reliably.

Calibration Services:                                                                                                              

SML’s highly experienced technicians calibrate many types of instruments including:

  • Physical and Dimensional Hand Tools and Gauges
  • Pressure
  • Torque
  • Force
  • Vacuum
  • Electrical
  • High Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Mass
  • Humidity

Mechanical repairs and adjustments are performed in our calibration laboratory and in the field. SML, Inc. can also provide replacement parts and new instruments from leading manufacturers.

On Site Calibrations:

Calibration services can be performed at your location to avoid downtime as well. All customers have access to their own portion of our database to access the life of their equipment at SML. Present and past certifications are available for printing as well as recall reports.

All customers receive a detailed Calibration Certificate for each item calibrated. The Certificate specifies ISO/IAS accreditations and lists at the very least:

  • “As found” and “as left” conditions
  • Our NIST-traceable standards
  • Complete calibration results
  • Any adjustments or repairs made at our calibration laboratory

More in-depth certificates are available up request.

SML is known for a quick turnaround; however, if you are in need of emergency services, same day and or 24-hour pricing is available.

Please Contact us for pricing or to schedule any of our services: